Force Options Training

scared woman in parking lotNot everyone wants a firearm or feels comfortable with a Taser weapon.  Not everyone has the time to take weeks of martial arts training.  We understand this.  Having been police officers for the last two decades and more, we know what criminals and deviants look for when they are stalking or selecting victims.  It isn’t random, 99% of the time.  Predators are looking for the easiest victim, least likely to resist, and in a location that is least likely to get them caught.

We can teach you how to avoid being a victim, teach your family how to deter and prevent crime against them, and enable you and your loved ones to win against a predator.   We discuss simple, easy-to-understand tactics, and can both demonstrate and provide you with simple tools or devices to scare away opportunistic criminals.  Pepper spray?  We teach it.  Stun devices or Tasers? We teach it. Handguns, CCW or home defense firearms?  We teach them as well, we sell them and we are experts in all of these force options.

Don’t Be A Victim!

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