FFL (Firearms Sales and DROS)

Glock laserWe are a full service Federal Firearms Licensee.  We provide new California firearm sales, DROS registrations and DROS transfers.  We can quote out any Ca-legal firearm*, provide the Ca DOJ Firearms Safety Course certificate or renewal, and furnish that firearm to you, just like any firearm dealer.

The difference is: No long lines, no taking a number, and no gun-counter attitude from a guy who “knows everything” and treats you like you are an idiot.

We treat you like our only client, walk you through the process (if needed), and do it with a smile.   Need a price quote or recommendation? Call or email us. (Click on Contact Us above)






DROS Transfer Fee: $55 (Includes all fees and processing.  One handgun can be registered every 30 days.) 

*We are NOT a California Assault Weapon Dealer


We use several firearms distributors.  For information on all our available firearms, visit

Davidson’s Firearms at the following link:  www.galleryofguns.com,

RSR Group at this link:  www.rsrgroup.com

and Lipsey’s at this link www.lipseys.com


Some of our brands

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California DOJ List of “Certified Handguns” for sale.  Need to know if the new handgun you want is “California Legal?”