Firearms Training

URG 5We offer firearms training classes designed to fit your particular needs.  Whether you have never fired a gun, or you are an experienced shooter looking to home your skills, we can provide the instruction.  As a licensed FFL, we offer the Ca Firearm Safety Course certificates, and can teach you how to safely operate a new firearm or one that’s just new to you.  (All firearm classes require hold harmless waiver at bottom of this page. Course duration can vary depending on number of students and individual student level of firearm familiarity.)



Basic Handgun Skills – $90

This approx. 2 hour course is designed for the new or novice handgun owner, and takes you from basic nomenclature, through field stripping, cleaning and basic maintenance, safe weapon carry, presentation, loading and malfunction clearing techniques.  This course focuses on use of sights, grip, stance, trigger control, and reloading.  Students will be taught to safely and effectively handle and shoot a revolver or pistol, and discusses legal aspects of transportation and lawful storage of handguns.   (It is recommended to add the Firearm Safety Course for students intending to purchase or transfer a firearm.  The FSC Certificate is $25 additional and required by Ca law to purchase a firearm, unless you are exempted.)






Required: Handgun, 50 rounds ammunition, eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon.



CCW Course – $200 / Re-qualifications – $80 / $30 per Additional Weapon

CA DOJ CCW Course. (D.O.J. Minimum 4 hours)  This course teaches the new CCW applicant or armed citizen the practical and legal aspects of concealed firearm carry.  Covers safety, State and County CCW rules and laws, concealed carry equipment and clothing, and live fire application. (Includes CCW class certification for Orange County Sheriff, Redlands PD, Ontario PD).  Re-qualification and live fire conducted at range site.  (Up to 3 weapons certified).  Class duration depends of student skill level and class size. Plan on 8-hour day, including 3 hours in classroom. (We specialize in individual instruction.) Required: 150 rds + 50 rds. per additional qualification, concealment equip and eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).   (See CCW tab on home page for additional info.)

Advanced CCW Course – $120

(Prerequisite: Basic CCW Course) This 2 to 3 hour class takes existing CCW holders to the next level of tactical training, including draw and shooting on the move, draw and shoot from various compromising positions of fire, clearing malfunctions, combat reloading, transitions to back-up firearms, and working in pairs. Required: 100 rds with primary weapon, 20 rds. with back up, concealment equip (holster, ammo holder, and optional concealment pack or bag), and eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).


Basic Rifle Skills – $90

A good utility rifle can be a tremendous tool in properly trained hands.  The power and range afforded by a rifle can give you a distinct advantage over an adversary in both urban and rural environments.  Whether self-defense, hunting for food, or just for recreation, learn the basics of safe and effective handing of bolt action, semiauto or single shot long guns.  Approx 2 hours, covers nomenclature, basic marksmanship, maintenance, safe storage, shooting positions, and ammunition.

Required: Centerfire rifle, 40 rounds ammunition, eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon.


Basic Shotgun Skills – $90

Vice President Biden said it…”Get a shotgun.”   True, but get some training with it first!  A shotgun is a good home defense weapon, but it requires some basic skills first.  This 2 hour course takes the new or novice shotgun owner through safe handling, ammunition selection, loading, sighting, recoil, and ballistics.   Legal aspects of use of deadly force are discussed, as is lawful storage and transportation.

This is an outdoor class and can be taught at your public range or our site.

Required: Shotgun, min. 50 rounds dove load, trap load or equivalent, eye and ear protection Liability Release (below).  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon. 


Intro to Tactical Pistol – $135

This half-day course is tailored for the novice pistol shooter ready to take his or her skills to the next level. While static line shooting is great for developing good weapon handling habits, the reality of self-defense is that few lethal confrontations occur standing still at the range. We take you through weapon presentation, concealed carry techniques, positions of fire, combat reloading, malfunction clearing and shooting on the move. We discuss equipment options, legal aspects of firearm combat, and surviving an armed encounter.

Required: Centerfire handgun, 2 additional magazines or loaders, 150 rounds ammunition, eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon.


Tactical Urban Rifle – $150

This 3 hour course is designed for the intermediate skilled shooter ready for more advanced tactical training. Students are taken from static line shooting through multiple firing positions and dynamic movement. Shooting on the move, combat loading and transitions to back-up weapons are taught and practiced. This class includes multiple target engagements, and shooting with a partner.

Required: Modern centerfire rifle with sling and 3 magazines and mag holder, 250 rounds rifle ammunition, pistol with holster and 50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, Liability Release (below).  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon.


Intro to Low-Light Pistol Techniques – $90

This 2 hour course gives an introduction to low-light handgun shooting techniques and features shooting in darkness using night sights, weapon lights and flashlights. Weapon wounded lights and lasers will be discussed and demonstrated.

Required: Centerfire handgun, 2 additional magazines or loaders, holster and ammo holders, 200 rounds ammunition, eye and ear protection, hand-held flashlight, Liability Release (below).  Night-sights or weapon-mounted flashlights and lasers are encouraged.  Does not include range fees, ammunition or weapon.


A-la-Carte Training Time – $45 hourly (min 2 hours)

Need refresher training or just want training time on a specific weapon?  We can do custom training for you based on your specific need or skill level, and based on instructor availability.  Just email us what you need and when you need it.

 To schedule or request a class, please click on Contact Us above and let us know the class you’re interested in.


REQUIRED FOR ALL FIREARM CLASSES!  Please print the form below and bring to class!

HDS Liability Release and Hold Harmless


Here’s a more extensive suggested equipment list for these classes

General Firearms Course Equipment List