Electronic Stun Weapons

Not everyone wants a firearm, and you must have a concealed firearm permit to legally carry a handgun concealed in public, which can be difficult to get.  Since 1996, police officers nationwide have been successfully using Electronic Control Devices (ECD’s) to stop and subdue violent persons with minimal injury to the individual or to the officer.  ECD’s include devices like the police Taser (Taser International products) and “stun” devices that must be held against the attacker.

Police grade ECD’s project probes (darts) on wires as much as 15-20 feet to disable the attacker before he or she can reach you, and allow you to escape to safety while the attacker is still being controlled.  Yes, these are the same weapons used by modern police agencies worldwide.  Yes, they are legal to own and conceal in most U.S. states, including California.

You can purchase them from the manufacturers, over the Internet, or from us.  If you purchase from us, we will train you how to use it.  With 15 years of training cops and civilians how to use an ECD, we know what it will and won’t do.  Why not let us train you, your wife, daughter or son how to fight off an attacker, and give yourself some peace of mind?

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Taser M26

X26 taser