We asked Dale to come to our home and offer some personal safety information to our family and some friends of ours.  He came over (he was on time and a little early) and set up a nice presentation for us.  He related his time as a police officer and opened our eyes as to what goes on in the street…..even in a quiet town, and told us how to stay aware and safe.  He even demonstrated a Taser gun that the police use today, and that we could buy ourselves.  Great training – totally recommend this if you have a daughter.  P.L. – 4/2016

My wife and I wanted to learn about self defence and how to use a firearm if we have to.  We asked some friends who recommended this trainer who had trained his daughter and wife.  I have to say they were 100% correct.  We took two hours of training on pistol, from his safety briefing to the tactical shooting part, he was calm but professional and a wealth of knowledge on firearms.  Totally recommend this trainer. – T.R. and R.R. – 1/2016

I found HD&S through the Orange County Sheriff Department.  I needed a more personalized training as I was new to concealed drawing and carrying.  Dale has a great style and was patient with us while still teaching the class all  he knows.  It was great having an instructor who has true experience and knows his craft. – D.J. 11/2015

We found your name and contact information on the OCSD list of CCW training providers. For some reason that I cannot pinpoint, I just had a good feeling about pursuing training with you. From initial contact to finish I was very happy. I had left messages with both you and Nancy regarding registration and both of you responded ( that can be rare these days). We were able to get in at short notice. The training classroom and range were convenient to get to.  We liked and appreciated both Nancy’s and your demeanor– being professional, yet approachable. We certainly appreciate your real world experience. We were both very happy with the outdoor range option and the opportunity to try out some different options that we know we would not have had in an indoor range.  I like that you seem to be very good at assessing what level of instruction we needed and building on that….I would definitely recommend your class to others.  – M.D. 9/2015

I went through CCW training in ~2003 (16 hours) and the renewal training in ~2005 (8 hours). Your training blew them away! Your training was efficient, clear and made me a better shooter and CCW permit holder. I will also remember your training for a long time (unlike the droning, uninterested style of the other trainers) – KK 3/2015

This training was outstanding.  I’ve been through several firearms courses and some CCW classes, and very few were taught by someone who gave us the insight and personal carry experience you did.  This was current, real world stuff – not just what some old retired deputy has been teaching forever. – J.E. 12/2014

Awesome! Loved it! Much more personal and helpful than the big classes I’ve taken.  I’ll be back for other classes. – R.D 11/2014

Dale with Glock 3 BW resized 4 X 4 300 dpi